Sprung dating game ready set date

This game is a really good take on the non-H(japenese non sexual)date-sim. The quality is great but the sound track is a bit lacking.

It is relatively short, and aside from using a whopping two characters, not really worth another go (unless you missed stuff and wanted to get a better ending).Sure, it's a dating sim, but the objective is clear: they wanted to appeal to a larger American demographic by making it like some rich kid MTV 'reality' show.The gameplay (if you wish to call it such) is linear and there is very little room for movement.Some of my favorite ladies were left out of the conclusion, and romance with a few throughout the duration of the game, no matter what your choices, is impossible. Many of the scenes are down-right hilarious, the graphics smooth and very nicely done, and many lively--albeit shallow--characters.It focuses mainly on whatever the character has decided, and not what the player wants. I played through both stories, which to my surprise were fairly different, and did enjoy myself even though it turned out to be a game that only lasted me oh... I do plan on playing it again and trying different routes. If you are into simple, humorous romance games, this is your game. It gets a three from me--not fantastic, but not unplayable either.

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